From the Heart, Letting Go

It is time to let go. It is time to let go of what’s not working. As fun and valuable as this weekly art project is for me (52 Weeks from the Heart), I often find myself stressing to keep up or catch up. So it’s time to simplify, even if it’s just changing my thought process. 

For instance, this month I had originally planned on focusing on photography projects since it was last March that I received my first dSLR camera. But unexpectedly I found myself pulled towards a daily hand lettering challenge on Instagram. So rather than stress about balancing both projects this month, I’ve decided to focus on the hand lettering right now. I’m going to follow my inspiration.

I’m also going to move away from the “52 weeks” approach and aim for weekly projects and blog posts. The end result may still look the same from the outside, but I’m hoping it will help me let go of some of the stress of keeping up with a 52 week year long project. I’m going to let go of my previous plan in order to find less stress and more joy. 

The idea of letting go can be applied to so much more. Letting go of the need for perfection, or an all-or-nothing mentality. Letting go of my grief and emotional pain, by journaling and confiding in friends, rather than bottling it all up inside of me. Letting go of expectations, especially unrealistic ones. Letting go of needless worrying  about what I can’t control. The list goes on. It may not be easy to let go, but it’s well worth the effort as I try to stay open.

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