About Jen

❤️❤️ Hi! I’m Jen of By Jen. I live in a happy blue house in Northern California with my husband, Daniel. We have two growing girls, Rebecca (age 15) and Katherine (age 12) and two goofy, yet sweet dogs, Sprinkles (age 10) and Bailey (age 1). By day I am an optometrist helping people see clearly, yet in my heart I am clearly an artist/maker with a passion for sharing beauty, happiness, and inspiration.

When it comes to my art, I am a jack of all trades/master of none. I have countless creative interests ranging from design and illustration, hand lettering, collage and mixed media, photography, scrapbooking, sewing and embroidery, knitting, etc. I love being creative and inspiring others! Over the past several years in life I’ve experienced both ups and downs that continue to remind me how precious life is. Everyday is a gift which should be cherished. What better way to cherish life than by sharing beauty and inspiration through art and creativity. ❤️❤️